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Blackbeard vs Al Capone. Epic Rap Battles of History Season 3.
  Published: 3 years ago


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"The rougher the seas, the smoother we sail. Ahoy! Season 5.5 is here!"

▼ CAST ▼
Blackbeard: Nice Peter

Al Capone: EpicLLOYD

Edward Kenway: Xin Wuku

Pirates: Bryce Wissel, Shaun Lewin and Donnie Davis

Gangsters: Shaun Lewin, Yev Belilovsky Dante Cimadamore

▼ CREW ▼
Executive Producers:
Peter Shukoff & Lloyd Ahlquist

Created by:
Peter Shukoff & Lloyd Ahlquist

Directed by:
Jackson Adams

Written by:
Zach Sherwin, EpicLLOYD, Nice Peter

Staff Writers:
Dante Cimadamore & Mike Betette

Beat Produced by:
Paul Magnet

Song Produced by:
Nice Peter & Jose ""Choco"" Reynoso

Song Mixed by:
Jose ""Choco"" Reynoso

Edited by:
Nice Peter, Joseph Shahood & Andrew Sherman

VFX Compositor:
Andrew Sherman

Director of Photography:
Jon Na

Camera Operator:
Marq Massengale

Michelle Maloney

Arthur Hong

Yev Beliliovsky

Music Supervisor & Playback:
Dante Cimadamore

Production Coordinator:
Atul Singh

Assistant Editors:
Ryan Moulton & Marc Chester

Office PA:
Shaun Lewin

Jose Mendoza

Costume Designer:
Sulai Lopez

Make Up:
Ashlyn Melancon


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Comments Directly on YouTube

2 hours ago
Fat Albert versus President Bonzo

12 hours ago
Black Beard won

18 hours ago
And no ones gonna mention the assassin murdering the crew? haha..Edward Kenway wins.

18 hours ago
Usain bolt vs flash. Messi vs Ronaldo. Jonny u vs Joe Montana

19 hours ago
Al Capone is the winner

21 hours ago
i think this is my favorite.

21 hours ago
Omg that is my 2 idols and ERB nailed This one

1 day ago
Princess Diana VS Prince Charles

1 day ago
the first erb I ever watched

1 day ago
Siri vs Cortana!!

1 day ago
1 like=bad luck🖕
1dislike=good luck for 3 years👌
sub=you will die🖕

2 days ago
Al Capone

3 days ago
Love it!

3 days ago
"Walk Under The Black Flag With A Scallywag Swager. I love that line

3 days ago
Al Capone obviously won!

3 days ago
Al pone vs Bonnie and Clyde

3 days ago
insert one piece joke

3 days ago
This just gave me a weird idea how about Davy jones vs admiral ackbar?

4 days ago
Who else noticed Connor in the background?

4 days ago
"I mean that rat nest beards trapped so many crumbs this bum could get marooned and still eat lunch for a month" Best line ever

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