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Collaborative Learning Builds Deeper Understanding
  Published: 5 years ago


By working together on problem sets in math and sharing their perspectives in roundtable discussions in English, students at The College Preparatory School are making collaboration the driving force in their learning. For more about this school, visit Show more

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4 months ago
In Cuba, they also have 45 min classes and a 5-min break between periods. I think that is what works best for both the teacher and the students.
The kids in middle and high school stay in the same classroom all through the day unless they have to go to the physics, chemistry, or computer labs: The students stay with their classes all day long too. They do not go to different classes and that is going to be like for the 3 years of middle school and the 3 years of high school, which makes it easier to control individual kids and the whole class. They have three teachers per class working directly with the kids, one is the "guide" teacher and the other two are collaborators but equally responsible for the class they help support. Teachers specialize in up to 3 subjects, for instance, math, chemistry, and physics, or literature, history, and geography. The teachers are the ones who move from room to room that usually are on the same floor and next door.

11 months ago
Collaborative learning raises rigor and increases engagement. @drkendrastrange

1 year ago
Just like open plan offices, it makes work more difficult for 50-25% of people who are introverts. Wasted potential.

2 years ago
it's so much cool to have that in the classroom and make it work....great job!

3 years ago
I love this! I love just starting a tutoring program for students that encompasses collaborative learning! A lot of people have a hard time believing that this can work. They believe the standard style of learning is the only way. 

I am so glad this video exists to further strengthen the concept of this learning method.

4 years ago
hey guys its amazing, we bagged with your thoughts and this could really help Indian classrooms so dear educated Indian teachers make use of this method in class for better results. 

4 years ago
this is so important. To be engaged.

4 years ago
(1)Yes, indeed a wonderful school and magnificent example and way of engaging learners,...:)! I believe strongly in this path of collaborative learning but...there are still lots of cultural obstacles and so much social-scholar organization's differences over the world to overcome... to put/adapt in practice and be successful...

4 years ago
Although I really liked this video, i fear that one student may be helping a lot with the classroom material and the others in his/her group might be waiting for him/her to solve the problem. Have you noticed any similar case?

5 years ago
Wish my classroom groups were that small to have a decent moderated discussion with. Its doable but SOO much effort.

5 years ago
I can say from personal experience that CPS is kind of overrated.

5 years ago
Wow! What a magnificent way of engaging learners. That is what we need. Every teacher should try this.

5 years ago
These are SIMPLE processes that can be adapted ANY where. I have come to value round tables more. Going forward into the REAL jobs these kind of communication skills are essential. We are no longer training robot-like operators for big machines in the factory. These days there are temporary teams that span the globe to deliver high tech projects.

5 years ago
Great School! Would've gone to CPS but had to move away...

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