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The Jigsaw Method
   Cult of Pedagogy
  Published: 3 years ago


This cooperative learning strategy increases student engagement, encourages collaboration, and results in better learning. Learn how to use the basic Jigsaw method, another variation called Jigsaw II, and get tips for troubleshooting, like what to do if you can't divide students evenly. Show more

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4 weeks ago
Great explanation but, as a student, I HATE this learning method. I am now relying on my peers to teach me? What if they "forget" to mention important info, or wrongfully believed the info they didn't mention was not important and it ends up on exams. It seems a way to get teachers to do less work and be lazier, and this is coming from a student who hopes to become a teacher. Teachers need to test out this method and ONLY continue it if their students prefer it/learn from it.

1 month ago
¡Gracias por compartir la información en un video super simpático! Re-like!

3 months ago
Seems like a great method, I wish I had more employees to try it out

3 months ago
Wow! Great video, I was totally looking for videos like this to have more knowledge about the Jigsaw and who would have thought, you also included the Jigsaw II! A question though, I am currently on my senior year in college and I am aspiring to be a teacher someday after graduation, and as part of the requirements, my research study is on the effectiveness of Jigsaw II. I was wondering, should I implement this for just one day as an intervention, or should I at least implement it on a session-basis (example, for day1- Jigsaw groupings and studying of materials; day2- students work with co-experts; and day3-will be the discussion with Jigsaw group and quiz day)? Thank you! :D

4 months ago
Fantastic! Thanx a lot :D

5 months ago
thanks for sharing this....i will going to use this to my students!

6 months ago
Thank you for a great explanation.

6 months ago
Thanks for that video. Have known about jigsaws methods but I was never very clear on how to implement this. I'm thinking this will be great for my reading groups. I have 16 8year olds reading at the same level so I am thinking this might be great on a smaller scale for reading comp.

7 months ago
What age group would this be best for?

11 months ago
Very good :) I would love reading atleast one lesson plan on : Cooperative learning! Thanks :) Latvia

11 months ago
Thank you!

1 year ago
Hello, i have a question. I'm about to teach my students with jigsaw, but i'm still confuse to make the contents. Do i need to make something like paper work (and students need to fill it with their expert group) or just a description of the lesson (and ask students to read it only)? Please answer me, thanks

1 year ago
Thank you very much! What I still don't get is how can I asses my student's knowledge after the experts return to their groups and present their work to their friends

1 year ago
very interesting ... thank you

1 year ago
Hi! I've just seen this video, and I think it's great: short, practical and clear😉 I'd like to find the same kind of video about cooperative learning in general...could you please realize one?😊😊😊 or do you have any suggestion? thank you so much!

2 years ago
Love it

2 years ago
great video! thanks for sharing knowledge!
i am very new at teaching and i appreciate and admire teachers like you cause you are an inspiration and a very helpful hand for all those believe that new teaching methods, that are so beautiful and simple based, can change the lives of so many people and hopefully create a generation of people who use their heads, knowing what is happening around them and are compassionate and creative

2 years ago
Succinct video on jigsaw strategy, which is a fantastic instructional framework for helping students take ownership of the learning in the classroom. Thanks for sharing!

2 years ago
This helped a lot! I'm trying this strategy out this week.

2 years ago
Great video. Good point about the expert groups needing to ensure all their members are strong on the material before moving on.

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