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Aluminum in Vaccines | A Pediatricians Warning To All Parents
  Published: 4 years ago


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Comments Directly on YouTube

2 weeks ago
I had a GP say to me and I quote "No doctor will ever admit vaccines do harm".
I replied "If it's true a good one will"

Here's a good one.

1 month ago
Is this man still alive?

10 months ago
thisis garbage

3 years ago
Wow, thank you, DOCTOR!!! I just fall in love with your videos, can't stop watching them, and it's 2a.m. In California) as a mother of 4 little ones, vaccination is a big open topic for me... Can I trust my pediatrician.nurses when they say their vaccines are Mercury free? Or I can ask to see some documents about vaccines content?
BTW, How about moving to Sacramento? I would love to have you as a pediatrician for my kids...))) just want you to know, that your work on YouTube is great!!! Keep doing videos!!!!!

3 years ago
Thank you.👍

3 years ago
Thank you!! A good man,who isn't afraid to speak the truth. I just wish there was more like him.

4 years ago
great video glad to see that not all MDs are retards, causing autism by their stupidity

4 years ago
You are absolutely right. Thanks for confirming and spreading the truth...

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