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Combating toxic attack from Aluminium
   Silica Waters
  Published: 2 years ago


Human health is under attack from toxic aluminium that is our food, tap water, medications, cosmetics...even infant milk formula! In our film, one of the world’s leading experts in aluminium, Prof Christopher Exley of Keele University, reveals an amazing discovery that could save us from diseases like Alzheimer’s. A discovery that shows how a wonder water rich in silica can wash away the toxicity of aluminium from our bodies, particularly our brains!

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7 days ago
Take a look at water in gallons sold in stores {depending on where I guess} I've heard "Nursery Water" has fluoride in it.

1 month ago
How about Tissue Salt Silica 6x?

5 months ago
This is truly an incredible breakthrough not just for brain health but overall body health as the toxic aluminium does not only attack the brain but other organs such as breast, bones , even low sperm count. Afterall we all need to consume at least 1.5 liter of drinking water daily for our hydration needs , why not choose a silicon rich mineral water to remove aluminium and hopefully improve your overall well beings.

5 months ago
The content is very important, but the background music is high and sometimes annoying !

8 months ago
The trouble is that we live in a mental asylum type of society run by its worst inmates, with aluminium being injected into babies, infants and children as well as adults via vaccines and thousands of tonnes of nano-particles of aluminium being sprayed on us via so-called geoengineering / chemtrails. It is difficult to avoid aluminium when the psychopathic elites are determined to exterminate us with the stuff.

11 months ago
Where is the aluminum coming from? Geoengineering!
We found unsafe levels of aluminum in a spring-fed dam, which is in a pristine area in the middle of nowhere!
We are being sprayed with aerosols from aircraft everyday. Drinking silica rich water will not help us while the entire environment (food, water, soil, plants) is continually being contaminated with these toxic heavy metals!
We are being sprayed like bugs! Look up and wake up people!

12 months ago
On downloading "Annual Water Quality Report" from Volvic web site - it lists all the minerals it contains in detail - but the word "silicon" or "silica" does NOT even appear anywhere in this document. So does this mean this has deliberately been omitted from this report, by order of the FDA for example ? Can we be sure Volvic water still contains 20 mg/Litre of Silicon ?

1 year ago
I've just started to drink Acilis, and that is how all water should taste. I still drink coffees made with Volvic, after first having moderate UC 12 years ago. My UC has gone now, and I'm just waiting to have a final scope before being signed off, and I loathed the medicines supposed to 'help', they don't, and if I was supposed to give them time to work, I lost patience instantly.

1 year ago
Thank you and your team for your work. Great video with the exception of the background music being a little too loud at times making it hard to hear what you're saying.

1 year ago
Thanks Dr Exley and all your team for their great work on this subject .

1 year ago
It was lovely to meet the Malaysian Trade Minister and everyone who visited the 'Acilis by Spritzer' stand at The Malaysian Festival in Trafalgar Square in London yesterday. We were able to share the news that we look forward to The arrival of Acilis by Spritzer' in the UK in December.

1 year ago
When can we buy Spritzer in the UK and what about the USA? I can buy Volvic here in the UK but I think my father would have to buy Fiji in the usa and someone below has commented on the plastic it's in not being great.

1 year ago
Thank you Christopher Exley for sharing this short video. And thank you for suggesting some things that the average citizen can do in order to effect change. I think so often, we think that we are impotent in comparison to large corporations and governmental agencies. But, maybe we are not- maybe that belief is unfounded. Maybe, the opposite is true. There will always be many more citizens than leaders and when we become educated(with thanks to people such as you that care enough to educate us) and when we unite with each other to work towards a common goal, we can move (silicon rich :)) mountains.
Pressuring our legislators to show that Aluminum is safe in Vaccines, foods, and personal care products is legitimate. If the safety of Aluminum is not able to be shown, then it would need to be removed from the products, and if removal of Aluminum was not feasible, the product would need to be removed from the market.
A moratorium on injectible Aluminum is reasonable considering the undeniable toxicity of this abnormal presentation of Aluminum to the immune system, and that injection bypasses a large portion of the immune system and also bypasses the organs of elimination thereby assuring retention of the toxic metal and wreaking havoc on the health of the individual.

Labeling of Aluminum in products is reasonable and should be done- this can be accomplished legislatively and also by pressure on manufacturers with buy-cotting products known or suspected to contain Aluminum. The latter action may be more effective, because there is no risk of lobbying of legislators by powerful Aluminum Industry lobbyists.

I have been able to obtain a silica rich mineral water at my local Heinen's grocery store in Ohio that I think you may have mentioned in a videotaped lecture a couple of years ago. It is Ferrarelle Naturally Sparkling Mineral Water, and it contains 86 mg/l silica.
In the U.S.-
In Roma, Italy-

2 years ago
Share it, please. I wonder who are those "geniuses" who decided to put aluminum into water supply?

2 years ago
Please take note of what I have said in this video and on many other occasions which is that there are no other silicon supplements, including DE, which can deliver suffucient silicic acid to the body to help to remove your body aluminium. Right now our only option is a silicon-rich (>30 mg/L silica) mineral water.

2 years ago
Many thanks Chris. In NZ we have access to at least three silica rich mineral waters, which are Fiji, Volvic and Pure One. Pure One is a NZ brand(approx $3.50/bottle) and contains 77.8mg/litre. It's available Still or carbonated.
 Many of the young girls who have Gardasil damage in our country, are using this to chelate aluminium and do experience relief.
 I really appreciate all the fantastic work you are doing and wish you all the very best with this invaluable and ongoing research.
If you are ever in NZ, please get in touch.
 It is unfortunate that members of our Ministry of Health, do not drink Silica rich mineral waters, for if they did, I believe they would be infinitely more expeditious, in performing their duty of care to the public of NZ, in particular, to the vaccine injured girls who have received the neurotoxic adjuvant, amorphous aluminium hydroxyphosphate sulphate.

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