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Aluminum Toxicity - DETOXIFY
  Published: 2 years ago


Dr Christopher Exley. Lecture on the Mechanism of toxicity of aluminum-baced adjuvants. An overview of the accumulation of aluminum in the human body and steps we can take to detoxify. Dr. Christopher Exley is the speaker in Bioinorganic Chemistry at The Birchall Centre, Keele University in Staffordshire and Honorary Professor at the UHI Millennium Institute. Exley is a biologist (University of Stirling) with a PhD in the ecotoxicology of aluminium (University of Stirling). His research career (1984-present) has focused upon an intriguing paradox; 'how the third most abundant element of the Earth's crust (aluminium) is non-essential and largely inimical to life'. Investigating this mystery has required research in myriad fields from the basic inorganic chemistry of the reaction of aluminium and silicon to the potentially complex biological availability of aluminium in humans. Exley is also fascinated by the element silicon in relation to living things which, as the second most abundant element of the Earth's crust, is also almost devoid of biological function. One possible function of silicon is to keep aluminium out of biology (biota) and this area of study forms a large part of Exley's research.
List of aluminum free deodorants:
To help scientifically test the Aluminium Alzheimer's link? His research fundraiser:
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3 hours ago
Crystal brand salt deodorant

1 week ago
Use a natural deodorant which contains arrowroot powder - the pits can still sweat appropriately but never smell bad...

2 weeks ago
Govt allows these things to occur. They suppose to regulate all these things being put in our products. I have come to the conclusion that they are trying to make us sick on purpose so they can hospitalize us so they can treat our bad condition. So now it becomes a medical treatment not to cure but to make more money that benefits the medical establishment . They do this on purpose. I want every nurse or medical staff to see this video. Plz protect humanity!!!!!!!!!

3 weeks ago
Ypu don't know of any alternative? Lol uhh stop putting it on. If you eat clean,cut out the dairy and meats and processed junks you won't stink.

3 weeks ago
"I don't know what the alternative is at the moment." (6:24)

Vinegar. It kills the excess bacteria, rather than just mask its foul smell.

3 weeks ago
Given that silica is effective in detoxing the body of aluminium, why should it be necessary to drink a litre of bottled water per day such as Volvic, which contains only 30 mg of Silica, when a portion of mashed potatoes (100g) contains 200 mg of silica and a bowl of oats (100g) contains nearly 600 mg of silica?

4 weeks ago
great work

1 month ago
How do I get in touch with Dr. Exley? I might have a few eye-openers for him from another line of research. And thank you, dr. Chris and Neva!

1 month ago
Homeopathic Tissue Salt Silica 6x once daily for 6 weeks will help body detox.

2 months ago
Would drinking horsetail tea be as effective?

2 months ago
Himalayan antiperspirant mineral salt roll undr the arms also a squeezed lemon organic kills all bacteria.

2 months ago
we ve got VOLVIC in france .. every where, so im starting it.;

2 months ago
Will adding diatomaceous earth to my filtered drinking water every day work? Is DE the same type of Silica?

3 months ago
I use the prescribed dose of Borax (Sodium Borate Deca-Hydrate)  Boron, to eliminate Fluoride from my body. 1/4 gram per Litre of water. I'm  doing the Silicate water course to lower the Aluminium out of my body. Already my Mental fogginess is reducing.Aluminium can also store and re-amplify the radiation from EMF. Measures a 4000% increase. Interesting huh?

4 months ago
Only a slight problem with Volvic water is the high Nitrate content!

5 months ago
Mandatory Vaccine, is the BIGGEST CRIME to humanity, since World War II, Nazi Germany. This is a Human Right Issue and not a pro or anti vaccination debate. It breaches the Nuremberg Code (1948) and the Geneva Declaration (Physician's oath) Code of Ethics. It also violates the International Covenant on Economic and Cultural and Social Rights ICECSR. Don't let Governments enslave you. Don't let Governments take the last inch of your Freedom of Choice. Don't let Governments shoot poison into your healthy babies blood stream and destroy their brains.

5 months ago
Are silica drops in water just as good?

8 months ago
use magnesium oil for deodorant. it not only works.... its good for you

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