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Silent Epidemic; The Untold Story of Vaccines Movie dire
   Peter Miller
  Published: 4 years ago


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5 days ago
Junk science! Vaccines have been called the biggest fraud in the history of the world avoid at all costs

1 week ago
can I plug into puppet?

1 week ago
they are nothing more than dum trolops hunting down infants.

2 weeks ago
translate spanish please.

2 weeks ago
Agenda 21 and Agenda 2030 Population reduction via vaccines that induces pandemics.

2 weeks ago
All doctors and nurses have bloods in their hands for not truly educating themselves about the truth of vaccinations, their toxic ingredients and adverse effects! Doctors and nurses just follow blindly their marching orders to destroy the health of the population!the health department and the government and all health personnel are accountable in the global sense!!! Pawns of darkness!!!😡😡😡

3 weeks ago
Science now has 2 faces: the corporate "science for profit",

which is a religion, forced on victims, by "above the law", untouchable corporations.

These Corporate scientists, doctorSS & big Pharma, cannot be sued for injuring or

killing patients. Their only goal is profits above people. Health be damned.

They are making money making war on babies and common sense science.

We demand a Comparison study of Unvaccinated kids vs vaccinated kids.

America was founded on freedom from Religion.

The New America must be founded on Freedom from forced vaccinations

& freedom from religion,

and based on the laws of Natural Science, prevention, minerals & vitamin,

expressed by the People in our resistance to

mandatory, FORCED vaccinations,

Forced at the point of a gun, where children can be taken, by

CPS, and put in vaccination JAILS, and forcible vaccinated,

against all the laws of nature & good science,

and family values & spiritual beliefs,

You are forced accept mandatory vaccinations, or be denied schools.

Schools where kids are force fed lies of history,

"lies written by the victors",

like the people who assassinated JFK, King & RFK.

Who killed JFK? Was it CIA agent Geo HW Bush?

We have a Mass Movement!!

We are Pro Life.

We have millions of parents marching against

mandatory vaccinations, with their victimized "vegetable kids", in tow.


Is it good or bad, for me to call kids "vegetables"

because they will never be able to hold a job or write?

We have a major whistle blowers movie "Vaxxed"!!

Why are Black boy babies getting autism from vaccines 4X as often as all others??

Black Muslim organization newspaper does articles every other issue.

Black Muslims are making this their #1 health issue to save their men.

We have a worldwide TV network.

We have a Tour bus going to all 50 states.

It is time to revolt all MD's licenses.

Make Big Pharma liable for injuries caused.

Subpoena Dr. William Thompson MD, to testify Congress.

Read the book by Dr. Andy Weil, MD "Healthy Healing", how we the People revoked all

MD licenses in 1920?, because they were infecting a majority of babies & Moms,

because they were not washing their hands before delivering babies."


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3 weeks ago
It wouldn't surprise me in the slightest if the people that make these vaccines are deliberately giving kids autism, so they can then make sure the kids are on drugs that they are making to control the autism. That way they are selling the vaccines & then selling a lifetime supply of the drugs they say your child needs to control the autism. These crafty fuckers see us as nothing but cash cows & lab rats, these fuckers need bringing down 😡

3 weeks ago
I have not & will not vaccinate my child. If you want to run the risk of autism, cancer, & the like, go ahead & vaccinate your child. Just leave me & mine out of it.

3 weeks ago
Polysorbate 80 is a sterilization agent

3 weeks ago
these doctors are terrorist with license

3 weeks ago
The healthiest children are the unvaccinated ones. This is borne out by the experts in all films about vaccinations and the damage they are doing.

4 weeks ago
people do not vaccinate your children just forge your signature and say you did

1 month ago
Vaccination = Fraud

1 month ago
My daughter has eczema now, a few days later after she got her 2 month vaccine schedule.

1 month ago
I pray for all those affected by vaccines. It breaks my heart. 1 Timothy 6:10 (KJV) For the love of money is the root of all evil: which while some coveted after, they have erred from the faith, and pierced themselves through with many sorrows.

1 month ago
Hmm...I take neither side or anything, but it's amazing that people could think that the world is a place in where if you do nothing automatically you'll get sick and die. There seems to be a lack of belief in the natural regenerative processes of the body and mother nature. Hmmm...Personally, I think that the cause of disease could much more be depression, sadness, just not wanting to be alive or have purpose. I've heard too many stories of people losing their businesses or families and then dying soon after of disease. You all fight each other over whether to trust or not trust the medical industry, but you all need to learn to trust your hearts over your heads. May sound like fluff...I used to have asthma and heart problems, I was hospitalized twice. Back then, I simply didn't want to be here in this world. I was 6 the first time and 14 the next. I'm 28 now...Back then I felt life pointless. In the past 8 years I've been doing what I love to do every day, staying away from any substance abuse and rotten people, and keeping my spiritual values of bringing love and kindness to the world, exercising every day, drinking lots of water and making sure to visit friends...I'm healthier now than I've ever been in my life, have virtually no asthma whatsoever, no heart problems. I have to live, I have to be here, I have to bring my love, my work to the world, have a voice, that's my purpose for being alive. I dont' have a perfect diet, but I eat my vegetables, my fruits, exercise every day, stay away from dating nasty girls, make sure I have enough money, food, a roof over my head, friends, water, get out in the sun. I NEED to be healthy, I know so with every ounce of my being, and so I am healthy. If you want something in your life you have to make it so that you need it for some reason. People attract sickness to themselves by virtue of having many parts of themselves that just don't want to be alive, and maybe we all have some parts of ourselves to some degree that don't....but you have to live for your purpose. With that said, are we being exterminated or something? I don't know...maybe...but life is about love, so I think just get as many good feeling moments as you can out of it regardless, just hopefully without the use of harmful substances.

1 month ago
Why do we believe things that are not TRUE, because peope who want to make a profit out of our illness. Why have these people decided to target our children, because the Child can't say no, he or she is not incharge of their own lives. If other living things don't need vaccines why does people. People who develope Mumse ist caused by contacts with Dogs, what about Chicken Pox contact with Chickens. The Love affair with Dogs is a part of the problem. I never met any one with Asma till I was 40 years old, never ment any one with any of the things people are being vaccinated against till I was in my 30's. Who had cancer 100 years ag no body.

1 month ago
Take your children out of schools and teach them at HOME, putting people clustered together is so that they all infect each other by viruses and disease.. Disease in the future wil ve more virilent, why because Anmtibiotics will no longer work. Thats is why its time to remove your children from Public Schools and women must stay at home to be mothers.

1 month ago
We have no way to know whether the vaccines themselves all contain the same dose and ingredients. The pharma manufacturers could make 1 in 20 or 1- 100 toxic so that not all children are affected. Only a few. Then they could say, "look, this child got the same vaccine and didn't get sick, it must be something other than the vaccine.

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