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Silent Epidemic; The Untold Story of Vaccines Movie dire
   Peter Miller
  Published: 4 years ago


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7 hours ago
So what if a baby's mother had the prenatal vaccine DTap while she was pregnant? Will this effect the baby, or the mom? Can anyone share any experiences they or someone else they know of has had? Symptoms? Eczema, crying, sleeplessness, diabetes, sugar issues, ....And will this vaccine effect later down the road as they grow up such as arthritis and other degenerative diseases.....What kind of effects will this have on the mom too? Memory, other issues ? Please comment :)

2 days ago
Bill Gates and his Eugenics Corrupt Club/GOVTS/ Pharma ...  are committing crimes AGAINST HUMANITY !

2 days ago
Try getting them in school.You need to lie & say it's because of religious beliefs!

3 days ago
my food is my only medicine primum non certum

5 days ago
This is SICK!!!! It's DEMONIC!😳😡😤

6 days ago
This is absolutely true.

1 week ago
3 out of 4 of my kids were taken when I was grocery shopping for them(they were supervised of course) they were babies still. I was accused of medical neglect. They had their shots, just not ALL of them tgat were offered. Do not tell me what they can not do, they did it. I fought 2 and a half years and all the shit came down to was money in the end. Long story, but I could not afford their requirements for a home, and I did everything they said. My mom has adopted them, by the grace of God... If she did not do that who knows what would have happened.

2 weeks ago
I wonder when will they discover the anti idiot vaccine?

1 month ago
Sanjay Gupta should quit his job.  What studies did he look ar?

1 month ago
Is Bill Gates up to date with his vaccination schedule?

1 month ago
They give newborn baby's here in Australia a Hep B vaccine, it can only be contracted via sexual contact. WTF

1 month ago
Can anyone tell me if there is a connection with vaccines and Crohn's desease?

2 months ago
Sounds/looks like G E R M W A R F A R E against our most vulnerable population. ALL these doktors should go straight to j(h)ell!!

2 months ago
the medical industry is far sicker then any patient will ever be. it needs to be overthrown.

2 months ago
A sick patient is much more profitable than a Healthy Patient !!!
It's the liver that is damaged most often by the Big Pharma Meds !!!!
Once the liver goes, all kinds of other un treatable diseases begin killing you.
That's why most pill bottle say "Make sure that your doctor has not diagnosed you as having a liver problem" !!!!!!!

2 months ago
Follow the money. Doctors and drug companies don't want a healthy society, it is bad for business.

3 months ago
You want to criticize what's in a vaccine, and yet you're willing to pump all kinds of poisons and pollutants into our water ways and air. What's wrong with this picture?

3 months ago
I am all for not getting children vaccinated but i HATE videos like these and the reason why i HATE videos like these is because they go on and on and on about why we shouldn’t vaccinate adults or children but they NEVER tell us what can we do to keep our children safe. What i want to hear is " do not vaccinate your children because it is doing more harm than good and what you can do to protect them in schools and in general IS: ...........

Can one of you tell me what can i do about my 4-year-old who is about to go to private school this fall? How can i protect him against whooping cough and hepatitis C and mumps and everything else the vaccines promise to protect him from? Should i come to his class every 3 hours to make sure he has washed his hands? or should i volunteer my whole day in his class room to make sure he is not putting his fingers in his mouth all the time?

3 months ago
I have given this DVD to all my legislators. They cannot say they don't know, so they are increasing and mandating vaccines in the full knowledge of the many dangers of vaccination. Vaccines must be OUTLAWED, not approved, increased and mandated. The LIE ENDS HERE!

3 months ago

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