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Aluminum and Mercury
  Published: 3 months ago


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When mercury is added to aluminum, it forms an amalgam (a mercury alloy).

Aluminum is normally protected by a thick oxide layer, but the formation of the amalgam disrupts it. It allows fresh aluminum to react with air to form white aluminum oxide. As the oxide grows, it forms as these cool white fibers.


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3 months ago
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27 minutes ago
bro where buy you buy the Mercury at iknow aluminum is not hard to obtain but Mercury is where can I purchase it

2 hours ago
Can you do this in a larger scale

3 hours ago
The fuck? 🤔

7 hours ago

13 hours ago
Eat it

14 hours ago
Flying Spaghetti Monster extending from the fourth dimension to reveal itself to mortals
(2831, colorized)

18 hours ago
Creepy af

21 hours ago
just eat the al-meOx

22 hours ago
pilot pilot there's a hairy monster outside my window! Don't worry it's just aluminum amalgam

22 hours ago
oh ur not cody thot this was codys lab

24 hours ago

1 day ago
My dick when I see my crush

1 day ago
Looks like cousin IT! MDMA what! 😱

1 day ago
Looks like the grudge ghost

1 day ago
2:24 Me when I see boobies
2:24 Me when I see spherical objects with smaller spherical objects on them attached to the female human body.
2:24 The person I identify as myself when (insert an entire research project about breasts from the Wikipedia)

1 day ago
Who can we extrict mercury for this amalgam

1 day ago
Reminds me of "Solaris" by Stanislaw Lem :)

1 day ago
How to make homemade Spaghetti

1 day ago
Make an uranus 238 amalgam

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