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Cooperative Learning
  Published: 11 years ago


Video designed by student to describe the research regarding cooperative learning. Asks the question, "Is it best for all students?" Show more

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4 years ago
Um, what?

6 years ago

6 years ago
@llydwll Couldn't agree more. This mentally in education needs to end.

6 years ago
What a bunch of B.S.!!!!

6 years ago
Cooperative learning is about learning how to learn and becoming innovative, we need to work together to succeed in an information education and economy. This is not socialism and it hopefully avoids some of the greed and selfishness of extreme individualism. The fact is we are all members of a society (must be evil because it has the first four letters of socialism! you hilbillies!). Avoid myopia and look at countries that have far better education outcomes - Finland, Australia. Have Fun!

7 years ago
John Dewey was teaching all this 100 years ago. Problem is, he was using these techniques to prepare kids for soclalism. Second problem is, this thing tends to take over. So school is all about the group, not at all about the person. Using some cooperative learning makes sense. But making it into a dogma seems destructive.

8 years ago
have you noticed that all of the kids in that vid was black ? i only watched it upto 0:40

8 years ago
Good video but group work with kids must be closed observed because in some case it makes things worst. But I liked your vieo.

8 years ago
true, cooperative learning aids to the learning. But its not all so good as portrayed. The children are the worst bullies too. It needs careful application and grouping. Many a times, the weakest child may be harmed the most.

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