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  Published: 1 year ago


In this powerful video, I explain the "Vaccine Holocaust" and how modern doctors, scientists and citizens are allowing a literal holocaust of mass death and suffering to take place right under their noses... just as happened in Germany during the rise of the Third Reich.

When "science" is used to destroy millions of lives, it's a holocaust. During the Nazi regime, "science" was invoked to justify eugenics and the cleansing of the human race "for the greater good."

Today, "science" is also invoked to push mandatory, toxic vaccines that destroy the health of innocent children (and even kill some of them). This is also justified "for the greater good," mirroring the sick, twisted rationalizations of the Nazi scientists working for the Third Reich.

Even the Associated Press took part in promoting the Third Reich and was actively collaborating with Hitler.

Much of the pharmaceutical industry that exists today is an offshoot from IG Farben, the Nazi chemical conglomerate that used Jewish prisoners for medical experiments. Today, vaccine companies use Nigerian children for their experiments, while also testing covert sterilization chemicals via vaccines in African nations, Mexico, Guatemala and elsewhere.

Learn the truth about the Vaccine Holocaust, and find out who are the Vaccine Holocaust Deniers who continue to pretend all this mass death and suffering isn't even happening...

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4 days ago
where is there science please

5 days ago
You have come a long way Health Ranger :)

2 weeks ago
If parents would get informed ahead of time and refuse to allow it then this would end. but parents continue to make the mistake of trusting the doctor. If everyone refused the shots - we win! people research strollers and car seats but when it comes to sticking toxic metals into your baby - so many didn't research assuming the doctor knows best. get a clue - the doctor doesn't know best nor will he be there to help you when you kid is harmed.

2 weeks ago
7:25 Sorry, but what does mercury have to do with vaccines? (Actual question)

2 weeks ago
pre ww2 american democratic socialist party gave Hitler the his ideas. on a positive note. if hillary won. the circle would be complete

2 weeks ago
I can tell you are  you colour is indigo I would love to work for you and connect the dots.

1 month ago

2 months ago
Holocaust is a holohoax. Research.

2 months ago
At this point autism is a specifically denied injury for the medical injury payouts. It's criminal.

3 months ago
The Holocaust is a hoax just like vaccines are good for oure kids ^^

3 months ago
I can't believe I'm saying this but Jenny McCarthy was right. Until they shamed her into changing her story.

3 months ago
vaccines were just made mandatory in Italy. It's terrible.

4 months ago
You should make your videos shorter. You say good things but take too long or repeat them over and over and lose the "normies".

4 months ago
Ephesians 6:12-13King James Version (KJV)

12 For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places.

4 months ago
Satan is the God of this world brother

4 months ago
Science buries the truth ,Big Pharma buries the cure , Doctors buries their mistakes ,

4 months ago
Very good analogy! Thanks for bringing up the spiritual war , sadly so true in today's crazy times. The top 1% of the ruling elite know exactly who they serve...The full armour of god is needed to survive,, (against the fiery arrows!) Thanks again for seeing the big picture and presenting this topic ...cheers from Sydney Australia

4 months ago
Jews were not burned in ovens. That's all a lie. DO your research. The jews were enslaved, not exterminated.

4 months ago
The deep state needs to kill people or make them sterile. Their Georgia Guide Stones states they only want 500 million people on earth. These people sold their souls. In California kids can't go to school if they do not take these vaccines. The deep state needs to put these poisons into children. Remember sick people make more money than well people. They have to get them early. The deep state are full of demons. That is why Jesus told his believers to cast out devils in his name.

5 months ago
Universal love is universal Anarchism!

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