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Hand in Hand with Teachers: Cooperative Learning
   Pearson ELT
  Published: 2 years ago


Michael Brand speaks about cooperative learning and the benefits it can offer to your students Show more

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2 years ago
Enlightening: excellent ideas explained clearly and concisely. Almost ashamed to say I´ve been stumbling around in the darkness for years !

2 years ago
I watch it several times. I have been teaching with group work at elementary school, I decided teaching with reciprocal reading style for High school students recently. I felt this is it! Especially for secondary school, English Communication class, more suitable , I suppose. Students need communicate, or cooperate each other to learn something.
I think cooperation with groups is the key to teach the communicative learning in this country. I strongly believe that Japanese language learning problem in schools could be solved with this cooperative learning.
Furthermore if we could teach with reciprocal teaching, in final step, if we could use sentence wall or something like that, we could communicate with using L2, don't you think so?

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