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How Does Heavy Metal Toxicity Affect You? Symptoms of Heavy Metal Toxicity Part 1
  Published: 6 years ago


Do you suffer from heavy metal toxicity?
Chances are you do. If you are suffering from symptoms such as; chronic fatigue, chronic infections from decreased immunity, autoimmune diseases, chronic candida overgrowth, and even cancer, heavy metal toxicity may be the root cause of it all.

Your Dr. may not be testing for heavy metal toxicity and prescribing medication instead without getting to the root of the problem. You need to know better.
Although mercury toxicity from amalgam dental fillings has recently gained some exposure, mercury is not the only dangerous heavy metal you need to be aware of.

Cadmium, aluminum, lead, and arsenic are some of the heavy metals we are exposed to just by breathing in the air around us. Industrial discharges, pesticide run offs, incinerator emissions, manufacturer smokestacks, and aviation, and auto vehicle exhaust all spew heavy metals into the air we breathe and the ground we get our water and food from.

Aluminum toxicity is also easily leached into processed, packaged food during manufacturing and packaging. Aluminum can leak from giant vats used in commercial kitchens, aluminum lined juice boxes, cans, and other packaging materials.
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2 weeks ago
Feel free to delete this comment if appropriate but I wanted to let you know the Heavy Metals Summit is free and online for the next 24 hours only. Over 35 expert speakers talk about protecting and healing ourselves from toxins.
Register here:

2 weeks ago
so with 5 filling I lose 20+IQ points a day..... its been like 10 years. I like potatoes.

2 months ago
I thought it was the music genre metal lol

5 months ago
What about adamantium?

7 months ago
Excellent Video clip! Sorry for the intrusion, I would love your initial thoughts. Have you ever tried - Dinanlinson Taking Peace Approach (probably on Google)? It is a smashing exclusive guide for healing your vertigo and dizziness permanently without the headache. Ive heard some unbelievable things about it and my best friend Jordan finally got great success with it.

8 months ago
I'm copper toxic.... so good bye!

8 months ago
Etheyl,methyl,and organic mercury are extremely toxic! Unless in vaccinations of course. Then it's safe.

8 months ago
I can't seem to find another video or link to the FDA certified treatment that you you spoke about from a year or two ago. (I probably have missed it). Please forward it or advise, and thank you for sharing.

9 months ago
Heavy metals kill you, sits in you your nerves

9 months ago
Best u use stainless steel

10 months ago
could aluminum cause blood clots?

11 months ago
so dose toxic metals and how they get in the system.Wouldnt be more from what we eat or the very air we breathe.Isnt it being globally engineered to destory us.

1 year ago
We all gonna die anyway.. I'm a health freak watching all these Toxicity Supplements natural medicine everything.. all videos have differing views kinda complicated.. I'm like a Supplement Cook Mad Scientist

1 year ago
And nickel in them and cutlery. How do we manage without though?

1 year ago
So if pots and pans have aluminium in then how do we cook?

1 year ago
Dude sounds like steve Martin, lol.

1 year ago
the governots spray us everyday with chemtrails full of metals

1 year ago
every plumber I know would never use use lead solder . they all use silver solder and its labeled lead free. You would get in a lot of trouble using lead solder

2 years ago
this is just hope less im as goog as dead

2 years ago
Everyone try to go to a steamroom/sauna for 2 hours. Just go out when
you feel a bit too uncomfortable then go back in. Keep sweating. I go in
and out about 10 times and rinse in the shower everytime i take a
break. Then when i get home I do a water enema(I believe this is key to
do after).

Somehow this has helped me feel so much better. I have more energy,
better skin, and I feel happier. Maybe I had heavy metal toxicity.

I've tried so many things and this seemed to really help me and i dont
know exactly how it helped.

Try it.

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