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How to Get Aluminum out of your body.
   Jonathan Moseley
  Published: 7 months ago


Dr. Chris Exley of Keele Univerrsity discusses in this snippet from a langer presentation how drinking mineral water high in silican can bring down our alumuminum levels in our bodies. Aluminum is a neuro-toxin when inhaled, ingested, absorbed or injected. Primary sources of aluminum are from cooking. Vaccines, industrial pollution, etc. Show more

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2 days ago
So silica on its own does not work because I was taking bamboo silica products.

2 weeks ago
As a scientist, you should not say "silica is good". There were dozens of substances considered good/harmless and they lost their status. "There are no known negative effects of silica" would be much better. And much closer to facts.

3 weeks ago
What about taking silica tissue salts ?

1 month ago
Take Horsetail pills, (silica),take Malic Acid, take clean Chlorella. Drink with reverse osmosis water, 2x/da. Don't overspend on bottle water.

1 month ago
Thanks Jonathan Mosely and thanks Chris Exley! And perhaps you would be interested to know that in classical homeopathy, Silica is the main remedy to remove foreign bodies or substances from the human body, and it is also one of the main remedies to counteract vaccination damage. So this tallies with what Chris Exley says.

6 months ago
Thanks !

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