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How to naturally detox from mandatory vaccine injections
  Published: 2 years ago


If you're being forced to take a vaccine against your will (by a totalitarian medical regime like California), are there things you can do to protect yourself from vaccine toxins?


Vaccines contain mercury, aluminum, MSG, formaldehyde and other adjuvants such as squalene. These are all neurotoxic substances that can cause permanent brain damage, autism, seizures, comas and even death.

The key to surviving this assault on your body is to eliminate these chemicals quickly. In this lab video, I reveal nutritional strategies for accelerating your body's natural detox so that you can safely survive a vaccine assault that's forced upon you.

The fact that we now live in a medical totalitarian regime that can force toxic, deadly substances to be injected into you and your children is a shocking subject all by itself. It just demonstrates the complete abandonment of medical ethics by the vaccine industry (and its mafia of child murderers and poison pushers).

Stay informed at and
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20 hours ago
hi mike good to see you again keep up the great work our battle continue in the end we win it is they who have been lied to they will lose godbless you brother

1 day ago
Are pet shots this way too?

1 day ago
Fluoride too!!!!!

1 day ago
Hello, thank you for this video but I wondered you spoke specifically more about what to do right before you went and got a vaccine if you were forced but what about clearing yourself of possible damage of the vaccine from years before . Let’s say a child gets autism or something else from what could possibly be the vaccine how do you fix that damage years past when the vaccine was given ? How do you detox the body at that point?

2 days ago
Flu, swine flu and hpv vaccines are not mandatory. You can opt out of all of those.

3 days ago

3 days ago
Hi, I understood that it's not healthy to eat raw turmeric. You tell you take it in your smoothie. Do you take it raw in the smoothie? Thank you.

4 days ago
What do you think about milk thistle. Whenever I vaccinate my horses I start feeding them milk thistle supplements before and for a week after. Just to show the damage vaccines can do to such a large animal other than their immune system, it also causes changes in their hoof health. No healthy hoof, no rideable horse

4 days ago
Acetaminophen or Tylenol compromises the blood / brain barrier; making the neurotoxins, heavy metals, etc. to rapidly penetrate the brain's of some people.Obviously, this can cause rapid toxicity, death, and / or severe neurological harm. If you are forced or have a child being forced to be vaccinated, do not by any means receive or allow your child to take acetaminophen in any form.
God bless and thanks for the very helpful info.

6 days ago
Mandatory? Sorry....
And I don't color inside the lines either...

6 days ago
I'm surprised you didn't say kelp and sea salt. The iodine fights for first place in your thyroid. (?)

6 days ago
I'm getting a filling drilled out soon AND I just ordered a clean form of vitamin C. I will take my zinc and of course my magnesium and iron, as usual. Great timing for reminding me.

6 days ago
I could use some advice from both sides of the debate....

I had the flu two weeks ago. I couldn't take it anymore. I did all the natural stuff and cold and flu tylenol. It was the third day and I felt terribleeee.

I decided to go to the emergency room cuz I know ppl were dying from the flu.

They denied me tami-flu and prescribed me tylenol extra strong and ibprofen. But before I left, they gave me a shot in my left arm.

They said it was a mixture of Tylenol and ib profen.

Problem. After I got that shot. The next three days my brain didn't feel well.

I woke up in the middle of the night and my brain felt like it snorted some cocaine or something. Just a weird buzzing feeling and dizzyness. I couldn't go back to sleep that first night.
It continued randomly for the next three days. Like my brain was swelling or something.

Someone suggested I was overdosing kn the tylenol cold and flu medicine. Their reasoning for this was because I told them I was pouring the little medicine cup up almost full. However, I was still only taking the medicine every four or five hours even longer sometimes. So why would the amount I pour myself matter? Yes the side effect of overuse of tylenol is dizzyness. But my brain felt different. Again like a pressure. Swelling. I could really use some advice from both perspectives of the debate... I was kinda scared. I haven't got my a MRI yet or anything I've been lazy to do it and nervous...

Also the information on the kinda shot they gave me was not in the paperwork.. They left that out. They know I asked them twice what the shot was.

7 days ago
My son has to get the dtap and meningococcal shots ( he's ten)
I only won out out not getting him the Gardasil one which I threw a huge fit and essentially said I would move to the Bahamas and never look back. Anyway- his dad ( split custody with our son) of course is demanding he gets the others listed above. They wanted to give him his shots today for his physical but I said "NO WAY" since he has the influenza. ( mild flu since I give him natural Meds)
Anyway- what can I give him BEFORE- even .. Not just after. I am so scared- like literally beside myself with fear and wish I had a choice. Minerals you say? What is a good mineral supplements that kids won't taste and dad won't ask about?

7 days ago
Just say no.

7 days ago
My sons thigh, tripled in size and was hot to the touch after his 18 month round of shots! Dr. Refused to give me pharma name and batch numbers that was used. He refused and never did because the ending excuse is they lost them! I told him about the thimerisol, he told me that was bs, I reiterated that lawyers do not file suits on bs without evidence. Needless to say that was the last visit in his office!

7 days ago
God bless you brother, from a mom with an autistic son after bad vaccinations with thimerisol. Amen to your efforts in exposing this!

1 week ago
Mike this world is run by evil sick twisted criminals. The answers for health and well-being are hidden in nature but the controlled masses will never wake to realise this. Its great what your doing and there is hope that what you do spreads and gains momentum.

1 week ago
What do you think of hydrogen peroxide therape?

1 week ago
I'm wondering if the health officials have their children and grand children vaccinated?

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