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How to naturally detox from mandatory vaccine injections
  Published: 2 years ago


If you're being forced to take a vaccine against your will (by a totalitarian medical regime like California), are there things you can do to protect yourself from vaccine toxins?


Vaccines contain mercury, aluminum, MSG, formaldehyde and other adjuvants such as squalene. These are all neurotoxic substances that can cause permanent brain damage, autism, seizures, comas and even death.

The key to surviving this assault on your body is to eliminate these chemicals quickly. In this lab video, I reveal nutritional strategies for accelerating your body's natural detox so that you can safely survive a vaccine assault that's forced upon you.

The fact that we now live in a medical totalitarian regime that can force toxic, deadly substances to be injected into you and your children is a shocking subject all by itself. It just demonstrates the complete abandonment of medical ethics by the vaccine industry (and its mafia of child murderers and poison pushers).

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18 hours ago
have u done any videos on baby formula?

2 days ago
I was pressured to get the flu shot where I work.
I never get a flu shot in the past..
It made me sick!
Fever, aches, headache, lethargic.
Never Again!!!
I missed work thanks to being pressured at work! Ughhh

2 days ago
I am using Shaklee's vitamins and supplements, have you ever tested this brand?

2 days ago
Answer- electric foods

5 days ago
Dear Mike, thank you for searching this out and letting us know your findings. I believe what you are saying is true, my husband got a flu shot in 1976. A few days later was so violently sick, couldn't eat or drink for a week. Was in bed and could not get up. I did not realize it was the shot that did it, he said I will never again get a flu shot and never did after that. I have never had one and I have not gotten the flu in 50 yrs. Thank you!

5 days ago
They just locked up a mother in Michigan for not getting your child vaccinated dinner ex-husband got custody and made sure he got vaccinated, Hitler's crew's working overtime in Michigan

5 days ago
I'm just saying I like the ranger but it looks like a green screen

7 days ago
Great information, thank you.

1 week ago
Thank you

1 week ago

1 week ago
It is population control. Simple!

1 week ago
Can Chlorella aid in the removal of heavy metals also?

2 weeks ago
How harmful are murzcury fillings?
I have them and am wondering about removal

2 weeks ago
Thus chlorella will help if I give to my twin girls, there about to turn four years old,and what's the recomended dosis?

2 weeks ago
I have read that doctors are given many thousands of dollars a year to push vaccinations and other drugs that do harm. Where is Honor and Integrity in our society?

2 weeks ago
Drink plenty of water. Vaccines cause small amt of kids problems. Low in zinc causes mercury to do damage. Take more sink days before to stop mercury effects. Reasonable amt in a supplement. Do a clean multivitamin., w.o. Lead. Increase sulfur intake, garlic, egg yokes raw from a farm. Turmick spice reduces inflammation. Vacinees causes nerve damage. Neurotic. Blend termick every day in food. Vit c. Lots and lots of water. Before vaccination avoid, burnt food, barbecue, tylonel, before forced vaccine, or anything that puts extra work on liver.

2 weeks ago
Go to an opiate dr for the vaxxing and bribe him not to do it or variations on this theme is what I would have done if necessary, or cultivate a dr you meet at a party.

2 weeks ago
I wish God thought of vaccines.

3 weeks ago
I would also recommend a direct liver and kidney detox regimen for no less than 3 days. Everything we put in our bodies is relegated through the liver. Detox the liver to remove things that can't be processed like things in vaccines. But make sure the kidneys are part of that detox because they aid the liver in disposal of chemicals. Also make sure you go #2 within 18-24 hours of starting the detox. So you avoid having these chemicals loose in your bloodstream and risk reuptake. God bless.

3 weeks ago
If you are over 70 years of age is it proven that the vaccines don't work and if so why are they pushing them for older people?

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