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How to naturally detox from mandatory vaccine injections
  Published: 1 year ago


If you're being forced to take a vaccine against your will (by a totalitarian medical regime like California), are there things you can do to protect yourself from vaccine toxins?


Vaccines contain mercury, aluminum, MSG, formaldehyde and other adjuvants such as squalene. These are all neurotoxic substances that can cause permanent brain damage, autism, seizures, comas and even death.

The key to surviving this assault on your body is to eliminate these chemicals quickly. In this lab video, I reveal nutritional strategies for accelerating your body's natural detox so that you can safely survive a vaccine assault that's forced upon you.

The fact that we now live in a medical totalitarian regime that can force toxic, deadly substances to be injected into you and your children is a shocking subject all by itself. It just demonstrates the complete abandonment of medical ethics by the vaccine industry (and its mafia of child murderers and poison pushers).

Stay informed at and
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Comments Directly on YouTube

13 hours ago
Vaccines probably come from purposely infected monkeys that are then killed.

1 day ago
thank you!! I am so great full to you for thinking of of us and all the knowledge you share with all of us!!! much love to you and yours xoxoxo

1 day ago
I am a disabled veteran, had to fight 2 years and finally go to my local Congressman's office and do a Congressional Inquiry to get things done,I had 3 anthrax shots, was given, meds for 4 years for a diagnoses that I didn't have, now here I am ( medically discharged in 2004), with cluster migraines, B-12 and D3 levels are low and I take supplements and eat healthy, I was a vegan up to about 2 months ago to try and get my levels back up now have high BP and cholesterol is high also, I drink plenty of water, sometimes, so much, I get sick, my body can't tolerate high temperatures outside, even when I'm inside, , I have Fibromyalgia ( at 1st the thought it was Parkinson's, then MS). Now I have neuropathy pains in my legs, hands, and feet, along with Restless legs syndrome. I don't want to be on pills all of my life. I continue to gain weight, nails brittle, my friend thinks my body isn't absorbing any of the vitamins and minerals I am taking, due to all the toxic exposures of military life. So, what am I do to? The VA doesn't want to hear that you want to try something natural, they want to lock you up and put you on crazy meds for that; so, I have to be careful about what I tell them. But, I'm tired of all of this and especially watching Beyond Treason, here on YouTube; I am pissed, any advice? I try to stay active, when my health allows it, I am the 1st black female (not African American- wasn't born in Africa) Commander for the American Legion in the state of Oklahoma, was a finalist for Ms. Veteran America 2014, a Congressional Award receiptant for my community advocacy for veterans and their families, speaking in schools, trying to get children to learn about history and treating each other and themselves with respect, I drive the widows of veterans to their appts. I volunteer at the my church -food bank and soup kitchen; so I try to stay busy, when I can and my finances allows me to. But, I'm sick of some days when I have an engagements and my health says not to do sister girl; so what would you suggest for an ole' bird like myself?

1 day ago
Which Doc did you use to get rid of your mercury fillings?

1 day ago
Thanks , good info.

3 days ago
Hi. I shared this video with a college professor that I respect thus far. Dr.James Corven. Before having enough time to watch the video or consider it's content, he replied "this is absolute NONESENSE". I then inquired how one would fact check the data you claim to have discovered in your lab. No answer. Do you have a recommendation for tactfully exposing closed minded educators to your research?

3 days ago
I forgot to mention a new textbook out called Vaccines and Autoimmunity edited by Yehuda Shoenfeld, which document that adjuvants cause the body to produce antibodies to some of its own proteins, triggering autoimmune diseases. This process of self-destruction seems impossible to reverse, because the body now has antibodies to parts of itself. This is one reason that vaccines cultured on mammalian kidney cells cause kidney failure in cats, for example. The cat's body starts attacking its own kidneys.

3 days ago
Also, taking iodine in higher doses can help to protect your body from adjuvants and get rid of mercury etc that is already there. Take with selenium, zinc, and sulphur. Far better to skip the shots, which introduce viral DNA you can never get out of your body. My nephew almost died after his 2nd DPT shot, and has been autistic ever since (35 years old now).

4 days ago
phill bell you are schill for the murderers , how much are they paying you to help kill children? know that you are part of the problem and will most likely be judged harshly by GOD

4 days ago
Hello. 12 yr old has ovarian cyst burst 3 weeks after first of 3 hpv shots. I did not have the last 2 . My daughter has issues one year later. Question. What was in the first shot ....was it the virus and the 2nd and 3rd the antodote.

5 days ago
If we know that vaccines are bunk how the hell are we still being forced to take this.

6 days ago
This makes sense. As both a so-called Black American male and a nurse, I have bit to chime in on here.

It doesn't surprise me that the effects of this stuff seem to be higher in my people than some others, as this relates to our differences in kidney function and specifically retention of salts. Where salt goes, so does water. People who derive from hot and dry regions, especially mine, have a genetic predisposition to retain chemical salts like sodium, calcium, magnesium, potassium, etc...and unfortunately things like lead, aluminum, etc. This also explains partially why there is less calcium loss in aging Blacks than in aging Whites, manifesting in less osteoporosis despite less intake of dairy. This also explains why the salt laden American diet causes hypertension in higher rates among Blacks than in other people, and why diuretic type antihypertensives do so well with us. Lastly, it's the typically poor diet of our less fortunate youth that contributes to their lack of resilience against this stuff.

If you can come in with any other info HealthRanger, that'd be great!

6 days ago
Thank you so much for this valuable information

6 days ago
What about chelation therapy?
EDTA & Glutathione??
They sell kits on ORADIX dot com
Would u recommend this sort of detox??

1 week ago
Hi, I'm 28 years old and will have to have my immunization updated in the airforce. So any vaccine i haven't had, I will get injected in a short period of time.

As an adult, WIll these vaccines cause damage to my body?

I know that prolonged water fasting of 30 or 40 days is great for detox, Will this suffice immediately after my vaccines ? If i load up on the vitamins and minerals as suggested before the shots, Followed by 30 days of water fasting or better yet, HOme made mineral water fasting (Distilled water with my choice of minerals added in concentrations I choose per 100ml of water)

I need the airforce, Ive invested so much, BUT i dont want this crap in my body. Im freaking out

1 week ago
What about infants? my six month old had his second set of shots and his mood has changed he is not the happy baby he was. any one who knows what I could use to get all the toxic chemicals out of my child's body would mean the world to me and my family thanks .

1 week ago
A great informational video. Big pharma act as legal criminals with the consent of governments. That is why people are acting more and more like lunatics. One of Hg (Mercury) problems in human body is damage to the nervous system. Some years ago, we had a fight to take Pb (Lead) from gasoline, which also causes damage to the nervous system, and now it is ok to inject Hg via vaccines. Great world we are getting into. Keep on with the good work. Eyes open. Be safe everyone.

1 week ago
What would be a good vegan organic protein powder that you have tested from H-E-B or Kroger's

1 week ago
Thank you for the shirt explanation. I was actually trying to figure that out.

1 week ago
A good scientific source on vaccines and toxicity

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