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How to naturally detox from mandatory vaccine injections
  Published: 1 year ago


If you're being forced to take a vaccine against your will (by a totalitarian medical regime like California), are there things you can do to protect yourself from vaccine toxins?


Vaccines contain mercury, aluminum, MSG, formaldehyde and other adjuvants such as squalene. These are all neurotoxic substances that can cause permanent brain damage, autism, seizures, comas and even death.

The key to surviving this assault on your body is to eliminate these chemicals quickly. In this lab video, I reveal nutritional strategies for accelerating your body's natural detox so that you can safely survive a vaccine assault that's forced upon you.

The fact that we now live in a medical totalitarian regime that can force toxic, deadly substances to be injected into you and your children is a shocking subject all by itself. It just demonstrates the complete abandonment of medical ethics by the vaccine industry (and its mafia of child murderers and poison pushers).

Stay informed at and
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1 day ago
USANA supplements are potency and purity guaranteed. Best I have used

4 days ago
Since you got your fillings taken out, did you get something different to fill the holes.

4 days ago
your awesome!! I almost had to take a booster shot because my measles immunity was showing negative. Thank God I was able to opt out of that!

6 days ago
Anything in particular to detox the TDAP vaccine for adults. It has Aluminum, small dose .37 mlG, and small dose of formaldehyde. I'm a super healthy adult. It's normal protocol for all caregivers of newborns to receive the TDAP. I haven't had Pertussis vaccine since I was born, and it's a 10 year expiration.

6 days ago
Thank you, again, Mike! When I had my silver fillings removed because they were leaching into my teeth, my dentist called me 'vain' and did nothing to protect me! I didn't know removing them was so dangerous until lately!!! Cilantro (1/4 c daily) with bentonite clay from Wyoming (1 tsp. in 1 c water 2x daily) for two weeks detoxes lead. Take 2 weeks off and repeat. This came from a doctor who discovered it by accident. I did that detox because I was informed that I had been exposed from some bad bentonite I use in my toothpaste. My lymph nodes were like rocks in my neck, I was repeatedly feeling sick, and was verrrrry angry for no reason - all symptoms of lead poisoning. It worked! My lymph nodes slowly returned to normal and I felt much better. Proof: Food can heal.

6 days ago
love you for your truth

7 days ago
what about taking activated charcoal prior to being vaccinated?

1 week ago
Actuality they are ALL HURT/DAMAGED in some way.
the symptoms are not obvious in most. eg the increase in food allergies esp peanut is not officially attributed to poison vax yet the fact that GMO peanut oil is part of vax ingredients would help to understand this increase.
STARK INCREASE IN children with adult desease, Cancer, diabetes, asma are some of the many increased Vax consequences that is the new normal esp in Twilight Zone US.

2 weeks ago
Thank goodness my kids and I have never had a flu shot. Although, I'm worried about the vaccines they've had.

2 weeks ago
I wish this video went Trending, even just for one day.......

2 weeks ago
I see that the pharma trolls are here in force. lol. Losers.

Take your Polysorbate 80 Trolls!

4 weeks ago
I encourage people to take hydrogen peroxide 35% food grade every day. It can reverse autism as well as cure cancer and about 10,000 other diseases.

4 weeks ago
Actuality they ARE ALL HURT/ DAMGED in some way.
the symptoms are not obvious in most. eg the increase in food allergies esp peanut is not officially attributed to poison vax yet the fact that peanut oil is part of vax ingredients would help to understand this increase. Twilight Zone!!??
thats just 1 of the many increased symptom that is the new normal esp in US

4 weeks ago
Antibody produced from inflammation, who taught this fact to these Frankenstein doctors? The pharmaceutical fascists Bayer.

1 month ago
God bless you. Can you make a video about what a daily diet should consist of? Everyday morning to night.

1 month ago
Mike, thank you for your help in bringing me back from the dead.  My downfall started with an MMR in my late 30's when I returned to school.  I eventually lost my thyroid function and had much memory and focus loss.  My TSH level was 235 before a doctor even suggested being tested for thyroid.  Later I had my fillings removed in Mexico.  I was not given any protection and literally lost the ability to walk with a cup o coffee without spilling.  This brought many arguments into my relationship and my immune system shut down.  I was able to put a plan together from the internet by watching videos on how to detoxify over and over again and taking copious notes.  By the way, I have no insurance.  I'm in my sixties now and live a pretty clean lifestyle, organic foods, supplements and such, but I have tried several times to go without my synthetic T3 and the symptoms always return.  Every doctor that I have seen has become enraged at me if I mention the MMR in connection with my thyroid.  The connection is not only clear to me, it is a straight line as I was breast fed and had a beautiful immune system that won me a perfect attendance record in elementary and high school.  I literally never got sick before the vaccine even when everyone around me was coughing and hacking.   have been told that if you are on the medication for a long period, the thyroid will not re-activate.   I have mental dependency on my levothyroxine because the symptoms are so debilitating.  I just want to feel normal again one more time before I pass on.  Do you have any suggestions?

1 month ago
I've gotten good
results with my son using chelation, but is there anything else I can do other than the methods you provided here to help him along?

1 month ago
You're using a green screen, pretending you are actually in this room and claiming you used the instrument to test for mercury. I was all for this until I came upon this video. Shouldn't have to lie about using a machine to test - when you're not even in the same room as that machine. You may not even own one..

1 month ago
Mike, it's so nice to see your face! Keep doing these live. God bless you and thank you for what you do and what you stand for.

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