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Aluminum is an adjuvant in vaccines, there's only one study to show effects it could have on humans
   Abbr. Enlightenment
  Published: 2 years ago


It's one of the fundamental pillars of medicine that vaccines have saved millions of people around the world and therefore can't be questioned. Everything in science can be questioned.

Abbr. 2 - The Greater Good (2011) - This is an abbreviation from the original film which I felt was a note that stood out above most other in the video. If you find it important within your own perspective than you should consider watching the entire film as it contains lots of other very valuable information.

The Greater Good (2011)

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4 days ago
While it may be true that some vaccine ingredients (namely alum-based adjuvants) haven't undergone individual, exclusive testing, every vaccine that can ever be offered to you in a hospital or clinical has undergone extremely rigorous, prolonged, multi-phase trial-based testing. For example, for a potential vaccine to pass Phase I trials, it must demonstrate fundamental safety. Historically, even a minor side effect in a single patient can inhibit progression to Phase II testing, which also looks at safety, albeit in a larger population.

So let's say, for argument's sake, that several common vaccines all contain aluminium as an adjuvant. Even if aluminium alone has not been the subject of a study, all of those vaccines have - and they all have been proven safe.

To use an analogy (a simplified one), the argument presented in this video would be akin to saying something like 'even though watermelons are safe, no one has ever conducted a study looking solely at the consumption of watermelon seeds'.

Such a study would not only be a waste of time and money, it would also be completely unnecessary and add very little to our understanding of nutrition. Now apply the same logic to vaccines, and this video becomes irrelevant.

11 months ago
Since most metals that are added to food , cosmetics and medicines are now nanoparticle, it also has the potential to be more harmful to the body

12 months ago
Vaccines are causing harm ! Cdc

12 months ago
Adjuvants are substances that can accelerate, prolong, or enhance antigen-specific immune responses. As crucial components of vaccines, adjuvants can improve vaccine efficacy and/or modulate immune responses types of the co-inoculated antigen. Adjuvants employ several mechanisms to modulate immune response of a specific antigen, such as formation of depot, sustained release of antigen, up-regulation of cytokines and chemokines, increase antigen uptake and presentation to antigen presenting cells (APC), as well as activation and maturation of APC.

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