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Vaccine Research Findings - Aluminum Making These Two Genes Dirty
   Dr Ben Lynch
  Published: 12 months ago


Transcript and other resources can be found here:

The more aluminum that is present in the blood or the brain, the slower the DHPR enzyme is.

This can cause a decrease in neurotransmitters and cardiovascular health.

Aluminum can also slow glutathione down which reduces your body's ability to eliminate other heavy metals and other harmful compounds.

What’s one of the ingredients in most vaccines, aluminum.

Learn more about vaccine injury:
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Comments Directly on YouTube

4 months ago
all hospitals inject newborns with vitamin K at 25000 times the recommended limit...they claim the baby will die without it...SERIOUSLY? these shots contain aluminum which mess with the brain #autism and cancer causing agents just look at the SPIKE in autism and childhood cancers .......why are they trying so desperately to KILL US? and what is REALLY in gardasil? could it actually be a sterilization shot?

5 months ago
Silica removes it ;) It can be obtained in some mineral watters. There has been one study done with alzheimers patiens,that silica did stop their decline

9 months ago "Aluminum levels in cerebrospinal fluid of patients with amyotrophic lateral sclerosis are dose-related to worse clinical status and mortality"

12 months ago
Thank u for another great clear video, please keep them coming,,,,

12 months ago
Visuals help thank you! I'm sure I'm MTHFR, will know more when I get 23andMe results. I like databases and want to play with my results data. You and Mike Mutzel really get me thinking :) I wonder how well aluminum chelated with natural substances (berries, sulforophane, ...) and if it usually makes it all the way through to excretion.

12 months ago
I'm going to Washington DC will have a meeting with health adviser. This video became very useful too. Thank you.💗

12 months ago
Thank you, Dr Lynch!

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