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Cooperative Learning Strategies in English language classes 02:45

Cooperative Learning Strategie...

Published 2 years ago
Views: 17,039

Cooperative Learning Demo 04:51

Cooperative Learning Demo

Cooperative Learning Demo.

Published 6 years ago
Views: 37,653

What is Cooperative Learning? 04:13

What is Cooperative Learning?

See more at

Published 4 years ago
Views: 22,599

Cooperative Learning CL in the Classroom Strategy Tube Video 05:39

Cooperative Learning CL in the...


Published 2 years ago
Views: 6,622

5 Elements of Cooperative Learning 03:50

5 Elements of Cooperative Lear...

This presentation is based on information posted in an article by Kathy Green at ...

Published 5 years ago
Views: 14,409

Collaborative Learning Builds Deeper Understanding 08:46

Collaborative Learning Builds ...

By working together on problem sets in math and sharing their perspectives in roundtable discussions in English, students at The College Preparatory S...

Published 4 years ago
Views: 86,875

Kagan Cooperative Learning-Structures for Success Part 1 06:04

Kagan Cooperative Learning-Str...

An introductory video about the benefits and research using Kagan Structures for the classroom. For more information please visit

Published 8 years ago
Views: 119,659

Cooperative Learning 02:19

Cooperative Learning

Video designed by student to describe the research regarding cooperative learning. Asks the question, "Is it best for all students?"

Published 10 years ago
Views: 166,123

Cooperative Learning - PLACEMAT CONSENSUS 05:42

Cooperative Learning - PLACEMA...

Filmen viser Cooperative Learning (CL) i praksis og skildrer en konkret struktur anvendt i engelskundervisningen i en 9. klasse på en almindelig dans...

Published 7 years ago
Views: 11,438

Il Cooperative Learning 02:07

Il Cooperative Learning

Cos'è il cooperative learning? Video introduttivo.

Published 5 years ago
Views: 31,609

Cooperative learning 03:49

Cooperative learning

In this video we show you how cooperative learning works in a classroom and at the same time including some multimedia tools.-- Created using PowToon ...

Published 2 years ago
Views: 2,050

The Essential Elements of Cooperative Learning 09:35

The Essential Elements of Coop...

5 Essential Elements.

Published 6 years ago
Views: 2,794



Attività di Cooperative learning nella classe 1^A della scuola primaria COLLODI.

Published 1 year ago
Views: 942

Hand in Hand with Teachers: Cooperative Learning 08:22

Hand in Hand with Teachers: Co...

Michael Brand speaks about cooperative learning and the benefits it can offer to your students.

Published 1 year ago
Views: 3,326

The Jigsaw Method 06:23

The Jigsaw Method

This cooperative learning strategy increases student engagement, encourages collaboration, and results in better learning. Learn how to use the basic ...

Published 2 years ago
Views: 46,619

Cooperative Learning with Lauber 05:46

Cooperative Learning with Laub...

Cooperative Learning with Lauber's Class.

Published 3 years ago
Views: 1,936

Cooperative Learning 04:32

Cooperative Learning

You will learn what it means to incorporate cooperative learning into your classroom along with learning several cooperative learning strategies.-- Cr...

Published 1 year ago
Views: 1,697

What is Cooperative Learning? 00:01

What is Cooperative Learning?

Spencer Kagan explains the difference between group work and cooperative learning.

Published 7 years ago
Views: 11,684

What Is Kagan? 04:19

What Is Kagan?

This brief animated video introduces you to Kagan. Kagan is all about engagement! See how this powerful approach is revolutionizing the entire teachin...

Published 3 years ago
Views: 73,594

Cooperative Learning With the Computer 02:59

Cooperative Learning With the ...

Created using PowToon -- Free sign up at . Make your own animated videos and animated presentations for free. PowToon is a fre...

Published 4 years ago
Views: 3,056